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Going In Style, The Family Funeral Planner Program for Families

It is tempting to say this is the LAST software program you’ll ever need! For families, this may be true, but for professionals who have need to plan funerals for clients, residents or members of the congregation, Going In Style can be an integral part of your operation.

Going In Style is simple and straight forward, yet comprehensive. Open the program, have the family (or individual) answer the simple queries on each page, then print it out and it’s done. Read through the searchable electronic version of the book “The Affordable Funeral” to learn how to save thousands of dollars (or get more for the money!), check the included Casket Catalog for suggested prices. Then you can Price it, Plan it, and Print it.

Revisions are easy, just start the program at any time, select the User Name (all files are password protected for privacy), and make whatever changes you like to keep plans current. Print out the first page in multiples (see example) and send it to family and friends so, when the time comes, they’ll know you have planned for the inevitable and where to find these plans.

This is a must-have for insurance agents and estate planners, as an additional service you can offer or for use as a premium item. Either way it will pay for itself many times over. Ministers and Hospices who have always wanted that ‘one more thing’ they can do for families who have, or soon will have, experienced the loss of a loved one. For the individual, having your funeral or memorial planned in advance saves your loved ones from the angst of having to guess what you would have wanted, and helps avoid emotional overspending.

To take a tour of screen shots of Going In Style and the finished planning forms, click here.

System requirements: PC only (no Mac, sorry), Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT Available RAM: 16 MB with 5 MB free hard disk space.

Having your final arrangements made in advance is the sincerest act of love you can leave your survivors, and will afford you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes will be known.

“No one should be caught DEAD without having tried this! It is a Godsend.” ~ Rev. G.D.H., 30-year hospital chaplain

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